St. Kindles Fire

So I received a mysterious email from a woman last night. She said she thinks she may have found my Kindle Fire, the one I lost last September that I nearly went crazy looking for. Immediately  my mind races and I picture her being gorgeous and single, like something in a Hollywood movie, so I give you this…


film noirIt was a dark and stormy night, the cafe was almost closed and one lone barista was wiping down the bar. There was one other patron left, an old regular who sat in the opposite corner working a crossword puzzle. The cigarette smoke was thick and swirled just like thoughts in my mind. Who was the mysterious woman who contacted me? Was she in danger? Was this a trap (my instincts told me no, but they had been wrong before).


I told her she could find me by looking for the guy with red hair, wearing a fedora and reading “The Brother’s Karamazov.” I had asked her how I would know her and she replied, “Don’t worry, you’ll know.”


It was right then that door opened, the wind blew in and there she was, the proverbial long, cool woman in a black dress.  She was right, I knew her instinctively. She wore a rain coat, carried an umbrella and walked in high heels. Go figure.

She walked briskly across the room,  her heels clicking sharply on the tile floor as she went.  Her dark eyes sparkled in the dim light and her brunette hair framed her olive skin.  There was an air of danger about her.

“You must be Kat.” I said. An alias to be sure.

“Yes and you must be Jefferson and a fool not to realize the danger we are in.”

“Were you followed?” I asked.

“Not that I could tell, no. ” Her accent hard to place, :but…”

“Right, the NAZI’s have eyes everywhere.”

She shivered. “Yes we must be quick. Here is the package.”

She put a brown package wrapped in parcel paper on the table and pushed it over to me slowly, as not to draw attention.

I picked it up and using my lucky pocket knife, I cut the end open to inspect what was inside. I dare not pull it out here, it was too risky, but it looked like the real deal.  The information here could turn the tide of entire war.

“If you’re lying to me…” I began.

“If I’m lying to you we are both as good as dead.” She injected.

I thought about this and nodded. Good answer. Good answer indeed. “So I guess this is where we part ways?”

She smiled at me. A sly, adventurous smile that made something inside me melt.

“Oh no. I can’t go back anymore after this. I’m coming with you!”

And that is how we met and spent the rest of our lives travelling the world in numerous adventures of espionage and intrigue, but those are stories for another day.

This of course would make for an amazing movie and to that end I give you the possible titles:

St. Kindles Fire

The Notebook 2

THe Hunger Games 4: Catching Kindle Fire

Return of the Amazon Woman

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  1. MJ May 17, 2015 at 6:22 am #

    Awaiting part 2….

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