2016 Long Beach Comic Expo

long-beach-comic-expoWith the epic let down of Comic-Con tickets sales and the breaking of our Contourage I needed something to cheer me up a little. Fortunately there was the Long Beach Comic Expo, appropriately placed in Long Beach. Granted it is no substitute for the great gig in San Diego but I generally hold the view that any geeky gathering is a good one and the LBCE fit the bill.

The LCBE has come a long way since it’s humble days in the small convention center room it began in (you could literally see it all in about 20 minutes). Now, in a much bigger room with loads more to see and do, I think this thing is going to take off and do well.

I didn’t cosplay as Bubba this time, but I did spend most of my time on the sales floor.  I love the sales floor due to the people, the artist, the costumes and the vendors, all of it sparks my imagination and creativity like little else does.  I also got to see some regular friends of mine who are con aficionados and I look forward to talking to them at every event.

To be honest, I did not take a lot of pictures. I am sort of over the picture taking. When I first started going to con’s I was taking pictures of every costume and display I could. Now I have been there and done that and it takes something pretty unique to get me to snap it. Fortunately I did find a couple of gems along the way.

Oddly enough I did not see a lot of Deadpools like I thought I would. I figured there would be dozens but I only saw a couple, that is until I went outside. Then I was hit with a group of about ten Deadpools all dancing to 80’s music (courtesy of the Adidas Storm Trooper) which in retrospect, does seem like a very Deadpool thing to do.

Overall it was a fun time and helped get my mind off the epic fail of Comic-Con tickets. Here are the two pics I told you about.

Coolest kid ever.

Coolest kid ever.


Not many Witch Kings out there.

Not many Witch Kings out there.

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