Life Just Gets Worse

Life just gets worse. That is what I tell our clients. If they keep drinking and using their lives will only get worse. Nothing good will come out of it. It’s true. Maybe they haven’t hit rock bottom yet but they will eventually.  Many don’t seem to realize this. They think it won’t happen to […]

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The Hero Within Fashion Line!

So here is something I am super excited about. My good friend Tony Kim launched a super hero themed fashion line for men called The Hero Within! I already want to order them! Check out this amazing Batman Peacoat:                     Yes these are officially licensed by […]

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Favorite SDCC Memories pt. 1

Comic-Con has always held a special place in my heart. Even as a kid I remember I would stay up late on summer nights reading my comics and I would see the advertisements for Comic-Con and long to go. However, trying to convince your non-nerdy parents (if there is such a thing) to spend your summer vacation at […]

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Outside SDCC: The Creators Connect

Outside Comic-Con: The Creators Connect I first started attending the Connect a few years ago and it has become one of my favorite things to do. This event is a Comic-Con sponsored event but it is off-site at the Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina (where yours truly will be staying). That being said it is not […]

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Outside SDCC: Game of Bloggers

I can hardly believe it but Comic-Con is just a month away and that means I am already thinking about my event schedule. I’m not talking about the actual convention itself, but instead all of the amazing events that go on outside the convention. Comic-Con has evolved a lot over the years and now it […]

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 How To Prepare for SDCC Right Now!

  I can’t wait for Comic-Con and you probably can’t either. You got your 4 day pass and you even managed to score a good hotel room. With over a month to go you might be thinking you have plenty of time to get ready right?  Wrong. Comic-Con has a way of sneaking up on […]

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That’s The Power To Make Bad Commercials

So the mighty forces of DirectTV and Bon Jovi have teamed up to give us one truly inspiring commercial and I absolutely hate it. If you haven’t seen it here it is. Why do I hate this commercial? The reasons are numerous but I will lay out my case before you. The biggest reason is […]

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pink cloud

Pink Clouds And Elephants

Pink Cloud, the Old Timer’s say you exist so you must. That mysterious place floating at the intersection sobriety and spiritual bliss. Yet so many times it seems you elude me. Perhaps you are more like a wicked game of Mario Brothers, jumping from pink cloud to pink, hoping to land safely when more often […]

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Coolest kid ever.

2016 Long Beach Comic Expo

With the epic let down of Comic-Con tickets sales and the breaking of our Contourage I needed something to cheer me up a little. Fortunately there was the Long Beach Comic Expo, appropriately placed in Long Beach. Granted it is no substitute for the great gig in San Diego but I generally hold the view […]

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The Breaking of the CONtourage

For the last several years (8-10) a very special and select group of my friends and I have attended Comic-Con together in San Diego. This isn’t just a couple of us going to this event, we averaged 8-12 of us depending on the year and who all you count. Comic-Con has become a part of […]

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Video Games And Morality: Bioshock

So I had my first panel ever this weekend at Comikaze and I really enjoyed doing it! We had a medium turnout so I feel like over-all it went well. I had a blast so as far as I am concerned it was great. The panel was titled “8-Bit Kingdom: How Video Games May Embody […]

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Fun With Online Dating Pt 1

It’s that glorious time of the year again. What? Can anything be glorious when the holidays are over? Yes, I am not talking about Christmas, New Years’ or Kwanza , I am talking about my not-so-annual online dating blog post! Online dating is such a weird institution. We’ve taking something already overly complicated (dating) and […]

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As if this picture doesn't make you hate it already.

My Grinch’s List of Most Hated Christmas Music Part 1.

  Ah Christmas time is here again. It’s a magic time of lights, trees, decorations, shopping, food and of course, Christmas music. Now I love Christmas music. In fact I’m that guy that would play it all year round if I was allowed to, but let’s face, while most Christmas songs have something to offer, […]

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My First Panel Ever!

So ladies and gentleman, Comikaze is coming up this weekend and guess who has their first panel? That’s right, me! I have always wanted to do panels and even pitched a few in the past to now avail, but now, thanks to the geeky powers that be, I (and Bubba) will be on a panel. […]

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On Shooting and Mental Disorders

So we have had yet another mass shooting and before people even had to time to grieve it is already being politicized for every cause imaginable, but especially the gun control debate.  Far be it for this blog to uselessly weigh in on gun control, but there is another issue being talked about it and […]

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Faith’s Story of OCD

I have had the privilege of knowing Faith for a long time now. She also has OCD. Here is her story. So Faith, tell us a little about yourself? I’m 38.  I think portraits tell stories about people.  I am building a library because as a kid my Dad had one and I loved to […]

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My LBCC Take Away

So this weekend was the Long Beach Comic Con and fun was had by all! I don’t know what the official numbers were (I was told 10,000-12,000) but it seemed like a really good sized crowd. What impressed me the most was the long line of people buying single day passes on-site. So I have […]

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Long Beach Comic-Con Next Week!

Still reeling from the fact Comic-Con is over? Maybe you have the post-convention blues? If so never fear, for the LBCC is here! (Or should it be LBCCC?) Regardless, it stands for the Long Beach Comic-Con and it is coming up the weekend of the 12th and 13th and you should go! Why? Well for […]

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Should You Fear The Walking Dead?

First of all I have to admit this review might come with some bias. Why? Because I am completely and utterly zombied out. I am totally bored with all things zombies. We have been oversaturated with the living dead and it has gotten really old. That being said, I felt compelled by my nerd duty […]

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Don't Go There, Just Don't.

Fantastic Four is a Fantastic Fail

Fantastic Four is a fantastic fail of epic proportions. Seriously, I don’t even know where to begin and I honestly can’t remember a movie so bad since Catwoman.  I mean it actually makes the 2005 version look decent, or at least bearable. Here is a list of just some of the problems.  A horribly cliché […]

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Cthulu 1.1

R2? R-Not

The good people at Sideshow Collectibles never cease to amaze and they did so again, this time with a tiny little droid named R2D2. They gave various artists R2D2 replicas and had them modify and paint them with their own designs. The result was a plethora of very cool R2D2’s. Here are some, and my […]

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R2 2.1

CONfessions: Mission Accomplished?

So another Comic-Con, my 9th, has come and gone and I have to say it was my most memorable (that is a tough call since the first one still has a special place in my heart). Due to my endless posting about it you have probably seen my epic cosplay which went a long way […]

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Look! I bagged a giant Furbie!

The Legend of Bubba Fett

So it would appear that Bubba was a big hit with the Comic-Con crowd. Tons of people took pictures and I even got to do a couple of videos as well. Oh did I mention that one photographer was from Nerdist News and another from LA Weekly? Yep, that’s right. ole’ Bubba made into the […]

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