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That’s The Power To Make Bad Commercials

So the mighty forces of DirectTV and Bon Jovi have teamed up to give us one truly inspiring commercial and I absolutely hate it. If you haven’t seen it here it is. Why do I hate this commercial? The reasons are numerous but I will lay out my case before you. The biggest reason is […]

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Fun With Online Dating Pt 1

It’s that glorious time of the year again. What? Can anything be glorious when the holidays are over? Yes, I am not talking about Christmas, New Years’ or Kwanza , I am talking about my not-so-annual online dating blog post! Online dating is such a weird institution. We’ve taking something already overly complicated (dating) and […]

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As if this picture doesn't make you hate it already.

My Grinch’s List of Most Hated Christmas Music Part 1.

  Ah Christmas time is here again. It’s a magic time of lights, trees, decorations, shopping, food and of course, Christmas music. Now I love Christmas music. In fact I’m that guy that would play it all year round if I was allowed to, but let’s face, while most Christmas songs have something to offer, […]

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My First Panel Ever!

So ladies and gentleman, Comikaze is coming up this weekend and guess who has their first panel? That’s right, me! I have always wanted to do panels and even pitched a few in the past to now avail, but now, thanks to the geeky powers that be, I (and Bubba) will be on a panel. […]

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Should You Fear The Walking Dead?

First of all I have to admit this review might come with some bias. Why? Because I am completely and utterly zombied out. I am totally bored with all things zombies. We have been oversaturated with the living dead and it has gotten really old. That being said, I felt compelled by my nerd duty […]

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Don't Go There, Just Don't.

Fantastic Four is a Fantastic Fail

Fantastic Four is a fantastic fail of epic proportions. Seriously, I don’t even know where to begin and I honestly can’t remember a movie so bad since Catwoman.  I mean it actually makes the 2005 version look decent, or at least bearable. Here is a list of just some of the problems.  A horribly cliché […]

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