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Video Games And Morality: Bioshock

So I had my first panel ever this weekend at Comikaze and I really enjoyed doing it! We had a medium turnout so I feel like over-all it went well. I had a blast so as far as I am concerned it was great. The panel was titled “8-Bit Kingdom: How Video Games May Embody […]

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Wondercon: What is the Secret of Your Powers?

  Much like previous Comic-Cons (and most cons for that matter) in the past I could be found roaming the sales floor, seriously buzzed and carrying a flask I was quickly working on finishing off. I thought at the time being buzzed on the sales floor was pretty awesome, but it was never truly enjoyable. […]

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Long Beach Comic Expo This Week!

Nestled in between the great nerd gathering in San Diego, and the newly emerging one up in LA, are two events you need to know about if you don’t already. One, is the Long Beach Comic Con (in the fall) and the Long Beach Comic Expo coming up on Feb.  28th to March 1st, located […]

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Psst, Wanna Buy A Sandwich?

From the You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Dept. My housing situation continues to de-evolve into more and more weirdness (I am desperately looking for a new place) so with that in mind I bring you this strange tale. I work nights, so I sleep during the day and nearly a day goes by without […]

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birthday cake

Year One In Review

November 9th, one year. That’s how long it’s been since I drank. That’s how long it’s been since I checked into rehab after everything hit the fan. To be honest, I can hadrly believe it since I couldn’t go an hour without a drink let alone a year. It’s a bit surreal, like one of […]

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Ain’t No Going Back From This

Last post I waxed somewhat eloquently (in my somewhat humble opinion) about a phrase some people occasionally say to me about my recovery.  This led me to write about another phrase I occasionally hear in recovery that I often find myself thinking about. Sometimes my nonalcoholic friends will say,” It’s good to have you back,” […]

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Nerd In Recovery: Robert Downey Jr.

This is a new series I am starting called Nerds in Recovery where I take a look at a famous person in recovery. Okay, you may be thinking there is nothing nerdy about some of these people and since some are pretty big Hollywood names you would probably be correct. But most of these are […]

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