CONfessions: Mission Accomplished?

R2 2.1So another Comic-Con, my 9th, has come and gone and I have to say it was my most memorable (that is a tough call since the first one still has a special place in my heart). Due to my endless posting about it you have probably seen my epic cosplay which went a long way to making this year the best. So let’s quit the fluff and jump on in. Here are my Comic-Con 2015 highlights.

– Cosplay – I had been kicking the idea of Bubba Fett around for over a year but I never pulled the trigger on it, and boy howdy I’m sure glad I did. Seriously though, Bubba was a huge hit. Everybody loved it, numerous pictures were taken, I made it into several media outlets, did a video interview and it was all a blast. My “fake” accent was really fun as well. I can’t wait to suit up again (Long Beach anyone?) and I am already working on Bubba 2.0. There is an interesting psychological study about how wearing a mask changes your persona and allows you to be anyone you want with no inhibitions but that is a blog for another day. All I can say is if you ever thought about cosplaying and haven’t then DO IT. Overcome whatever is holding you back, you will be glad you did. Oh and one more thing. Who knew cosplay was so tiring! It is seriously exhausting work that will probably take me until all of next year to gear back up for.

– Panels – As in, I only went to one and didn’t miss them at all because I cosplayed for three days straight. Don’t get my wrong, seeing Star Wars would have been amazing (and was according to my friends that went) but I have been to the big epic panels before and done the whole wait in line forever thing but Comic-Con has become so much more to me then star struck panels and there are things  I would rather do, such as cosplay, roam the sales floor, look at art and…

– Meet cool people – One thing about Comic-Con, I hate having it end and feeling like I am going home with untapped potential. That feeling I am leaving something still on the plate to enjoy or be done. Every year I get better at fulfilling that potential, but this year was particularly productive. My mission was to make more friends and find people to collaborate with on the blog. . Going to  panels is fun but does nothing to build into Comic-Con next year. Making friends that I can partner with and look forward to seeing again does. I had so much fun in after hour meetups such as Game of Bloggers and Geeks Go Glam that I can’t wait for the next Con. My first goal was accomplished and now the hard part is the follow up and getting these things done, but I feel good about it overall.

-WB Party – Due to a very good connection I got to go the exclusive rooftop WB industry party. Who was there? Well much of the cast of Arrow and the Flash as well as a smattering of others. I know I just wrote about not being star struck but this was an extreme situation. It was like something in a movie. A rooftop hotel party with a pool and hot tub, lots of pretty and important people wondering who you are and what you can do for them topped off with the occasional avant-garde, artsy-fartsy performer scattered around. One was a guy dressed like Aquaman walking out with a girl dressed as a mermaid on his shoulder who just happened to be topless (so I am told, it’s not like I was looking or anything).  Overall, while I decided Bubba would stick out like a sore thumb, it was a really cool experience. Especially the mermaid.

Anyway, as far as I am concerned this Comic-Con was a smashing success. Normally I leave Comic-Con thinking, “that was fun, but I’m not sure I am going to do that next year.” This time I left thinking, “wow, that went by way to fast and I can’t wait for next year.” Which means to me, the potential was filled and I give it one big Mission Accomplished.

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2 Responses to CONfessions: Mission Accomplished?

  1. Jasmine T July 17, 2015 at 5:52 am #

    This was a fun read, I had a great time meeting people as well such as the Game of Bloggers, Maybe we can meet next year 🙂 And lucky! on the WB Party I love those shows and glad I got to make it to the DC Superhero Saturday Night panel. I was happy to settle with that. 🙂

    • Jeff July 18, 2015 at 9:35 am #

      So sorry I missed you at the Game of Bloggers! It seemed like such a whirlwind of people in such short time! Hope you had a great Con though and thanks for reading!

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