Favorite SDCC Memories pt. 1

TheAvengers2012PosterComic-Con has always held a special place in my heart. Even as a kid I remember I would stay up late on summer nights reading my comics and I would see the advertisements for Comic-Con and long to go. However, trying to convince your non-nerdy parents (if there is such a thing) to spend your summer vacation at a comic convention proved to be more then challenging. So I was thrilled when in 2007 I finally got to attend my first Con and I was instantly hooked.

Just being at Comic-Con is a special memory and each year has its own highlights, so trying to pick out a favorite is almost impossible (like trying to pick a favorite song). However, if I had to narrow it down then these are some at the top of my list.

The Avengers Panel 2011.  Unfortunately my mind is a bit fuzzy about which panel preceded this but it was a Marvel panel whatever the case may be. Marvel has always packed a great punch at Comic-Con (along with Robert Downey Jr) and this was no exception.

At the end of the panel the moderator announced a special surprise they had waiting for us. Of course we were all breathless with anticipation and as they music cranked up, one-by- one, the entire cast of the Avengers walked out on stage!  They came out, stood on stage and then Joss Wheden came out, stood in the middle of them and they took a big bow. It was a very, very cool moment.

Even now thinking about it gives me chills. But of course, this is just one memory. So what are your favorite memories? Let me know!

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