First Time Cosplay Tips

So a little while ago I announced that I was going to Cosplay at SDCC for the first time ever! As my costume comes together, and the Great Con approaches, I am getting really excited about it  all. That being said, since I am a newb at this, I put out a call for the collected wisdom of the internet to help me prepare. Here are the tips so far.


@thenerdygirlie – plan ahead. This is one thing I have been doing and everything should be assembled this week.

@LanaCosplay – have an emergency repair kit with duct tape, a hot glue gun and a small sewing kit.  Great advice, now I just need to learn to sew….

@maraburke – sew pockets onto your costume if you need them. More great advice I didn’t think of that involves sewing.

@hot_nerd_girl – carry stay hydrated and carry a flask. Not a metal one, but the plastic king you can deflate as you use it so it takes up less space. Believe me, here at Nerds In Recovery we know all about flasks.

@AngiViper – prepare to see less of the floor because you will be stopping a lot for photos and try to wear something comfortable.

@mmflood – have somebody go with you to help you carry stuff. Hmmm, good thing my brother is going!

@ninjabot – comfortable shoes are a must. This one is mandatory for SDCC period! Wear inserts too.

And best of all….

@browncoatgirl – have fun! No one will see your flaws, only awesomeness!


So there it is, the combined wisdom of the pros. I should have most of the costume done this week and maybe do the big reveal next week! If not then see ya at Comic-Con!



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