Game of Bloggers Launches at SDCC!

nerdsinrecovery1Are you a blogger going to Comic-Con? Do you like meeting other cool blogger’s or maybe you follow a blog and want to hang with its creators? Either way, do we have an event for you! Get in line (of course there is always a line) for the first annual Game of Bloggers meet up! Created by Tony Kim, aka Crazy4ComicCon, this event features bloggers from around the world meeting, hanging out, supporting each other and generally making mischief at the Dragon’s Den located next to Petco Park on preview night.

This should be a really fun time and yours truly will be there as well. Comic-Con has become so much more than a convention. It has become a place of community where friendships are made among like-minded people scattered across the globe.

Officially it’s called Game of Bloggers (use the hash tag #GameOfBloggers) with the tag line “Bloggers Are Coming”. I personally like to use the phrase “Valar Bloghulis: All Men Blog”, which is way better than my original idea of calling it Blogwarts School of Blogging.

Either way it should start the weekend out on an epic note! Hope to see you there! This one blogs…

PS.   I have been trying to come up with some original artwork for my blog. The picture in this post with the bottles is my first attempt.  Any thoughts?

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