Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it? That is the question I sometimes find myself asking about this undertaking. After all, I will be brutally honest here, nobody showed up. Not one, except for my good friend Crazy4ComicCon (who is not in recovery but was there for moral support). So I often find myself asking the question what the hell happened and was it a waste of time? After all, I sacrificed the majority of my Con promoting this thing instead of going to panels, playing laser tag etc. So was it worth it?
One thing I do know is this. If I didn’t sacrifice Con time to promote our meetup and nobody went then I would blame myself. I would constantly be asking what if? What if I had promoted it more instead of having more fun? So from that standpoint my conscience is clear. I did my best with what I had available.
Another thing I know is this. It helped me stay sober. Giving back is a huge part of my sobriety and going to Comic-con with a mission to help others went a long way in fighting the temptation to drink. Truthfully, despite what may at first appear as a failure, I have peace about it and choose to see it as a success.
Why? Well for one, like I said, I did my best. Secondly, so many people affirmed this idea and constantly encouraged me to continue on. I even met a high ranking Marvel/Image writer in recovery who thinks it’s a great idea. So my thinking is that if just one person benefit from something, then it is worth doing. Good is always worth doing, regardless of the results.
For the record I am not giving up. I am truly grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support and encouragement I received from seemingly random strangers who have convinced me this is still a huge need.
I knew going in it would be a challenge. I only had a couple of weeks to really plan and promote it. Also, the location was a big challenge. Everything close to the Con was booked, so we went with a place further away that required a taxi or public transportation, but I was still at least hoping a few people would show up. 
For the record, Luna Grill was great! They had a great spot setup for us, were truly accommodating, and the food was amazing! I feel really bad they went all out to no avail, so please give them some love if you get the chance.
It’s back to the drawing board on this one. It’s not a total loss. I met a lot of really cool people who were really supportive and now a lot of people know about this. I think next time will have a lot of potential. Comikaze Expo is coming up and so is the Long Beach Comic-Con and I am planning on being there.
So here is the why of it all. It’s part of my sobriety. Unless you have been there, you can’t imagine the hell of addiction, and I grieve for those still suffering rejoice with those who are now in recovery. So I will try again.
I recently listened to a podcast with Seth Godin and he made a profound point. People that do things, who create and invent things, don’t’ do so because they have an opportunity to do so. They do it because they have an obligation too. So I will do my best to do just that. After all, it’s my obligation to those still suffering.

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  1. July 30, 2014 at 9:25 am #

    I love your attitude here. Can’t count how many times I’ve felt like you described. It was a wonderful idea and maybe next year you can get a closer venue and have more time to spread the message. I think it’s wonderful idea.

    • Anonymous Nerd July 31, 2014 at 5:49 am #

      Thanks for the encouragement and for checking out the blog!

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