Is Robin Williams A Nerd In Recovery?

Robin Williams has always been very honest and open about his battles with alcohol and drugs and his sobriety, of which he is extremely proud (and rightly so).  Now Robin Williams is going back to rehab to “fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment” of which I applaud him for. Do whatever you have to do to stay clean and sober.

While Mr. Williams has been open and honest about his struggle with addictions, it is not so clear as to whether or not he is open and honest about about his possibly being a nerd. What? Robin Williams a nerd? Consider this: 

For exhibit A he starred in Popeye, a movie which anyone must admit, is at least slightly nerdy. But I submit that exhibit B is particularly damning with the hit show Mork and Mindy. Yes, Mork and Mindy, that great show from the late 70’s that gave us an alien wearing suspenders (before another alien known as the Doctor made them cool) and the great phrase “Nanu-Nanu.” The show that also felt for some reason it was way cool to incorporate numerous rainbow’s and sparkles. See?
And if you need more proof just check out some of these other off-the-wall characters from Mork and Mindy. 

Lastly, he did sing “Blame Canada” one year at the Oscar’s. Is he a nerd? Well only he can decide. But regardless, he is in recovery which makes him pretty cool in my book. So good for you Mr. Williams, stay sober and maybe one day you can come out of the Tardis as a nerd as well!

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