Life Just Gets Worse

Life just gets worse. That is what I tell our clients. If they keep drinking and using their lives will only get worse. Nothing good will come out of it. It’s true. Maybe they haven’t hit rock bottom yet but they will eventually.  Many don’t seem to realize this. They think it won’t happen to them or maybe they are a “functioning drunk” that is able to hold down a job and somehow be productive. Or maybe they are just fooling themselves. It may take a few weeks or it may take a few years but I can promise them it will happen eventually. It will get worse.

Maybe it is family issues, a divorce or estranged children who won’t speak to you. Maybe it is legal issues, a DUI, public intoxication or if the situation is severe enough then even jail. You could go broke or end up on the streets. You may wake up one day to find everything good in your life is gone because you chased it all away with your using. You could end up with long term physical ailments such as psoriasis of the liver or pancreatitis. You might have a seizure or an overdose. Or maybe you just hate what you see in the mirror and when you wake up every morning you wish you were dead. In the worst case scenario you might just get your wish.

Whatever the case may be nothing good will come from continuing to drink or use. The good times won’t roll, the happy days will be gone and you will be left a shell of your former self. I know from experience. I’ve been there. My life did not get better. The more I drank the worse it got, and yours will too.  

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