Life Lessons From Comic-Con

ExidorI’ve had the privilege of attending Comic-Con the last eight years and after nearly every one I have the idea that I will relax a bit and take next year off. However, after a few months pass I start getting a hankering, that itch I get that finds me in San Diego in July yet again.


Sometimes my friends talk about the vacations they take to Hawaii or Jamaica or some other exotic place and I occasionally wonder why I don’t go to these places. Then I realize, oh yeah, it’s because I go to Comic-Con every year instead! It has definitely become my own exotc summer destination.


Comic-Con has become part of my DNA and as it turns out, it has enriched my life in many unexpected ways. Most of these things we already know, but Comic-Con is a lens that brings them into sharper focus. Things like….


Everybody has a story – Everyone I meet at SDCC is a unique individual with their own dreams, passions, aspirations, hurts and failures. Your story makes you, you.  Only you can see what you’ve seen, and only you can know what you know. Comic-Con brings in thousands of perspectives, united by common interests, yet each with our own story.  Comic-Con highlights the power of story, something I am a big proponent of.  In way, I think that is one reason I love superheroes. Every superhero has a unique story that makes them who they are and the same applies to us.  And on the flip side…


Everybody wants community – Let’s face it, so many of us geeks feel like we don’t fit in. Many of us were/are bullied and many of us feel rejected or ostracized by society.  Even with the booming popularity of nerd culture, most of us often feel like nobody truly gets us. Until we go to Comic-Con and meet people that do. I have met people from Indonesia, France, Australia and England at Comic-Con, and there is an instant connection of shared passions and interests. It is  like a geek version of Cheers, maybe not everyone knows your name, but we are always glad you came.  I have met some pretty amazing people at Comic-Con and I look forward to meeting more.  It provides the opportunity to make long lasting friendships and community.  And seeing how you meet people from around the world, you realize that….


The world is a very big place  – This seems obvious at first, but stuck in our middle America suburban lives it is easy to lose track of just how big the world can be. I mean seven billion people is a lot! You get a glimpse of all sorts of people from all sorts of places, and if you listen you can walk away with some new perspectives as you realize just how interconnected the world can be. I encourage everyone to make it a point to talk to at least three new people every day. You’ll be glad you did. And lastly there is….


Patience – You learn to be patient at Comic-Con because, well, you have to be. Camping out in line, slowly moving across the convention floor, and waiting for exactly the right photo op. Comic-Con requires patience. So maybe this one is more of a joke, but seriously, a little bit of patience will go a long way in life in general.


So there you go. Some cool things I learn at Comic-Con. Be sure to take up my challenge and meet three random people a day. You may learn your own valuable lessons to pass on.

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