Long Beach Comic-Con Next Week!

LBCCStill reeling from the fact Comic-Con is over? Maybe you have the post-convention blues? If so never fear, for the LBCC is here! (Or should it be LBCCC?) Regardless, it stands for the Long Beach Comic-Con and it is coming up the weekend of the 12th and 13th and you should go! Why?

Well for starters con’s like this are just plain fun! It’s costumes, artist, writers, panels, and more all on a sales floor that is growing bigger every year.  Also, at least for me, I get to see the really cool people that I meet at con’s every year.  And you can meet them too (as well as meeting yours truly if you are so inclined). Lastly, for me, I am going because not only am I a con junkie, but I love the fact it puts me in contact with like-minded creative people and I always walk away inspired and wanting to write more.

The simple fact of the matter is that nerdy conventions are just plain fun and since they are so few and far between you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.  I also encourage you to not just go and window shop or panel hop. Go with a purpose or a mission. Plan on stepping up and introducing yourself to somebody who looks interesting or track down that rare comic you always wanted to read.  Either way going in with a plan makes a convention so much more fun than just wandering around.

Lastly, perhaps the biggest reason to attend is that Bubba Fett may make a very lauded appearance. As it stand now Bubba is working up the nerve to enter the Cosplay Contest. Any thoughts on this?

Regardless I hope to see you there!

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