Long Beach Comic Expo This Week!

Nestled in between the great nerd gathering in San Diego, and the newly emerging one up in LA, are two events you need to know about if you don’t already. One, is the Long Beach Comic Con (in the fall) and the Long Beach Comic Expo coming up on Feb.  28th to March 1st, located in, well, Long Beach of course!

I got to admit, when I went to these events last year I kind of had my doubts about whether they would be worth it or not, or even survive. Turns out I was wrong. These cons are growing fast. Last falls Long Beach Comic Con was way bigger than I expected it to be and had much more to offer then the year before.

If you are a Con junkie (or is that Connie?) like myself you should go! Or if you want to see what this growing trend in all things nerdy is all about you should go as well!

Don’t expect to see Robert Downey Jr. or exclusive footage of Marvel’s next movie. What you can expect to see is this. Artist. Really, really good ones in fact that will make you wish you had more spending money than you currently do. You get to meet them, talk to them, hang out with them and generally wish you could draw like them.

You can also meet cool indie and small press peeps,  such as the good people over at Fanboy Comic , Tracy over at Hot Nerd Girl and other great writers and publishers including the not-so-small Aspen Comics. As an aspiring writer this is one of my favorite areas and I always enjoy meeting and talking to them.

But you also get everyone’s favorite; Cosplay! Watching Cosplayer never gets old (even with a million Deadpools) and with $3,000 be given away at the Cosplay contest, I expect they will be out in force (one of these days I swear I will cosplay).  There will even be some very impressive professional cosplayers as well.

So in addition to all of the above, why do I like going to the Long Beach Comic Expo?  For starters I have made some really cool friends at these places and I love seeing them there every year (we had a fun post LBCC hang-out last fall). But ultimately it’s because it puts me in touch with what I love the most. It puts me in touch with the creativity and imagination I always strive to hold onto. It refreshes me and inspires me and in my humble opinion, that makes it all worth the while.

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