My Comic-Con Quest: You!

The Mission...

The Mission…

One thing I always try to do during Comic-Con is to make it a point to create while I’m there. I think it makes the Con more fun in that  you generally meet a lot of cool people and it gives you something to do during the down time. For instance, a couple of years ago I was trying to promote my book. Last year I was organizing a meetup for people in recovery and one year I decided to hunt down a copy of the earliest comic book I can remember buying as a kid (it was a GI Joe) and having the author sign it. The point is, I try to maximize my time and give instead of just receive. So what is my quest this year? I am glad you asked because it is…

You! Yes you dear readers. In a recent post I talked about not wasting your pain and one of my chief goals of this blog is to reach out to others who have or are going through pain and suffering and give you a chance to encourage people by sharing your story. So that is why I need you. For the record, I don’t hope it’s really you per se, because that would mean you have gone through some rough times, but I speak in the more proverbial since here.

Now write a lot about the pain of mental disorders and addiction, because that is what I went through. However, I want this blog to be open to every form of suffering out there. It could be bullying, the loss of a loved one, relationship issues, suicide or even something physiological (such as cancer etc…). The point is I am looking for stories that share our common human condition and emphasizes our need for community.

Your story can be completely anonymous, or you can be completely open if you will. What matters is that you have a story to tell and I want to read it.

I am generally pretty easy to get in touch with. You can hit me up on twitter or email me through the contact form. Alternately, in San Diego I will be at the Game of Bloggers meetup on Wednesday night and I would love to meet you in person! (Also, if you have any fiction or prose you would like to share I am open to that as well.)

Because the truth is we all have our struggles and need encouragement, and while officially my thing was alcohol and mental disorders, ultimately we are all recovering from the same thing, We are recovering from life, and that is worth sharing.

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