My Drunk Comic-Con Experience

<Queue sad piano music of your choice>
So I have been waiting to share this Comic-Con story because, well, it isn’t one I am particularly proud of, but it is none-the-less true, and is one of the reason’s I started this site.
Comic-Con: that great assembling of nerds and geeks that has become the pop culture event of the year to attend. Anybody who is somebody will be there to connect with fans and I have been fortunate enough to attend every year since 2007.
As a kid I would lie in bed reading comics and I see advertisements for Comic-Con and long to attend, but as a kid try convincing your parents to spend their family summer vacation going to a comic book convention (okay, I know some families that would)!  It is an event that tens of thousands of people attend and tens of thousands more try desperately to do so. So to attend the last few years has been a privilege and the fulfillment of a childhood dream and guess where I spent the entire first day of the Con last year?
In my hotel, passed out from drinking all night and even that morning.
Yeah, here I am, at this great event and I couldn’t stay sober enough to enjoy the first day. For the last several years alcohol has been featured heavily in my Comic-Con experience (Sailor Jerry’s was always our choice for Comic-Con) but last year was the first year it really affected my ability to enjoy the Con. I knew before then I had a problem with drinking and was taking steps to address it, but I clearly had not committed enough to it, especially at such a party event as Comic-Con after hours.
So there I was, missing the first day of the Con. I had planned on promoting a book I wrote and attending some creative panels, but of course, none of that happened. I managed to stay (somewhat) sober the rest of the Con but that first day is a day I wish I could forget, which is ironic since I don’t really remember it.
For the record, that was 2 years ago. I now have 20 without a drink and I am looking forward to a fun and sober Comic-Con that I can remember in a good way.
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