My First Panel Ever!

So ladies and gentleman, Comikaze is coming up this weekend and guess who has their first panel? That’s right, me! I have always wanted to do panels and even pitched a few in the past to now avail, but now, thanks to the geeky powers that be, I (and Bubba) will be on a panel. What panel is this? I am glad you asked.

It is the “8-Bit Kingdom: How Video Games May Embody the Beatitudes and Change the World ” panel at 1:30 PM  on Saturday in room 501A ! So how can video games evolve into developing Christ like qualities? Well you will have to come in see! In particular I will be approaching it more from the recovery stand point.

Furthermore I will be bringing out Bubba Fett as well! So if you want to meet me, Bubba or some hybrid combination of both then come on out to the panel this Saturday! Can’t wait to meet you!

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