My LBCC Take Away

LBCCSo this weekend was the Long Beach Comic Con and fun was had by all! I don’t know what the official numbers were (I was told 10,000-12,000) but it seemed like a really good sized crowd. What impressed me the most was the long line of people buying single day passes on-site. So I have to wonder what the final numbers really were.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I wrote about this before but one of the reasons I love some of these smaller (but growing) conventions is the focus on creators and content and less on Hollywood. I got to meet some cool creative types and a stroll through artist ally is always fun. In fact, I always feel bad walking through artist ally because I never have enough money to support all of the artists I want to, but I suppose that is the nature of a great convention.

This year I also had more fun because I decided to bring Bubba Fett out of the trailer park on Saturday. I had so much fun with him in San Diego that I was dying for another chance to introduce the galaxies most infamous redneck to the sophisticated denizens of nerd culture. I have to admit Bubba got off to a slow start and not to many people seemed interested in him, but after a couple of hours things really picked up and Bubba was a big hit yet again.

They had a cosplay corner with some great professional cosplayers and I went there to check out the cosplay contest being held later that night. I had planned on entering it but two things happened. One, after spending five hours on the floor I was exhausted and did not want to stay another two-three hours. Secondly, and most importantly, I could not get a good answer as to whether or Bubba Fett qualified for the contest. The rules stated everything had to be handmade. As a whole Bubba has a very handmade feel to him, but the helmet definitely was clearly not in this category. It was frustrating because I was wearing overall’s and a trucker cap and wondered how on earth every bit of costume could possibly be handmade? I felt the rules were way too strict and went against the spirit of a lot of the more unique and fun costumes.

Still overall (including the ones I was wearing) it was a fun time and I am glad I went. I think it will continue to grow and I am looking forward to the Comic Expo in February.  Oh, if you want some pictures you are out of luck. I didn’t take any because being in costume it was just too hard and to be honest, how many storm troopers do you need to see?

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