My SDCC Panel Pitch: Art and Pain

painI have always been fascinated by the connection between art and suffering. Why do so many artist suffer from the old cliche of depression and angst? How does this effect their art and does this explain why we connect to it so well? In the realm of all things nerdy, this is one of the many reasons we relate to so many super hero’s. I’m not really talking about the psychological side per se,  I am talking more about the human side. Grief, sorrow, loss, despair, anger etc. What does our fascination with these emotions  say about ourselves? What do we get out of it and why can such terrible things inspire us to such great heights of creativity?

Among other things pain can give wisdom and create profound depth of character. It also allows us to help others who have gone through similar experiences. So with these things in mind I pitched a panel to San Diego Comic-Con on the connection between art and pain. For the record I have yet to hear back from the Comic-Con powers that be on whether or not it has been approved. I really hope it does. I truly believe it is a panel everyone can benefit from because everyone has gone through pain of one form or another (or multiple forms).

The idea is have an open and candid discussion about these issues. Conversations that could lead to shared experiences, griefs and heartaches that could in turn lead to deeper community, encouragement and healing for those who truly need it. It is after all, a language we all speak.





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