My Super Wallet

So it came time to replace my old, scrappy wallet and I decided that instead of having a boring old brown leather wallet, why not make a statement? Why not show off my nerd pride? Why not do something epic? Something super? With all of those questions in mind I went on Amazon, and ordered this….

Super Wallet 1



It may very well be the most ultimate wallet in the universe. I mean it has the retro power of Wolverine, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, Ironman and the Incredible Hulk. This wallet is so powerful it could probably even safely hold the Infinity Gems! So watch out Thanos. Not only that, but it has trifold power as well!

Super Wallett 2


Thus giving me three times the power! I have gotten numerous compliments on it including one girl who said her son would love it. If I own something that an eight year old would love then I consider it a win. I thought about buying a Tardis wallet, because it is bigger on the inside, but went with my main love of all things Marvel. Now if I just had actual money to put into it.

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