SDCC Thursday Programming Gems

Comic-Con released their Thursday programming schedule and nerds everywhere are pouring over it like Sherlock Holmes on a crime scene. That being said, maybe you don’t feel like waiting in line for Hall H or Ballroom 20 on your very first day? Never fear, there are some great smaller panels you can check out. Here are a few I recommend based on my eight years of con going.

10:30 – Comic Book Law School 101: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda  – Every year attorney Michael Lovitz hosts the Comic Book Law School. If you are a creator of any type this is a great a panel to check out. It’s fun, engaging and the legal side of the business is surprisingly interesting. For the record, Lovitz usually does three different panels on three different days, each covering a different legal issue. He also has some really useful handouts you can take away with you. All in all, if you produce content of any type you want to protect, you should attend this panel.


11:00 – God is Disappoint with You – I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw this on the list last year but I knew I had to check it out. As it turns out, this is one of the most fun panels I have been to in awhile. Writer Mark Russell and artist Shannon Wheeler take on the Bible in an incredibly clever and fun way. They basically go through each book of the Bible and pull out the main stories with wit and creativity. It would be easy for them to simply be blasphemous and mock people of faith but the panel comes across with a reverently irreverent feel and I walked away feeling very impressed with it all. They will be also doing their “Bible in 10 Minutes” slide show, which I have not seen but totally want to. Check it out for a unique and fun experience.


1:00 – Historical Comics and Graphic Novels – What would be better then my love of comics and my love of history? How about historical comics? I have never been to or heard of this panel, but since I majored in history (a degree I am still not using per se). I am totally interested. Writing historical fiction is hard, you have to get the dialogue, customs, clothing and a myriad of cultural nuances right or it comes across as forced and fake. So I am interested in what advice they can give. I can’t promise I will be there, due to my cosplay this year, but it sounds really cool.

7:00 – The Creator’s Connect – This one constantly ranks high on my list of events. Think of speed dating for artist and writers. Writers basically rotate between artist pitching their ideas and scripts, looking for somebody to partner with. It is a really fun and cool event and you meet amazingly talented people. You have to RSVP, and sadly the writers side fills up fast, but they do have a wait list and can often work you in. Artist, you are in luck, they always need you.


So there you have it. Four potential gems you may not have thought about but are well worth it. If you have any suggestions for Thursday let me let me know! Hope to see you there!


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