Should You Fear The Walking Dead?

Fear-the-Walking-Dead-posterFirst of all I have to admit this review might come with some bias. Why? Because I am completely and utterly zombied out. I am totally bored with all things zombies. We have been oversaturated with the living dead and it has gotten really old. That being said, I felt compelled by my nerd duty to watch the first two episodes of AMC’s attempt to squeeze even more ratings out of their hit show and the  dead did not walk, they dragged along at a snails’ pace.

We don’t need another zombie show. What gives Fear The Walking Dead so much potential is the exploration of how the virus spreads and how society collapses around it. The chaos and destruction takes place during the first two episodes and. they seem to be done with it all now.

One group of survivors, whose names I can’t even remember, finds themselves locked in a sealed up barber shop with sounds of anarchy and destruction reigning outside. You can see where they are going with this. There is an auditory apocalypse going on outside that slowly but surely winds down to utter silence. Then comes the big reveal as the few survivors dare to open the doors and look outside, only to see the world in complete ruin with shuffling corpses wandering around. This is where the show should immediately end. No more episodes. Lights out and it’s series finale.

Why? Because there is nothing new they can show us after that. We have seen it all with all the other zombie shows and movies out there (especially the Walking Dead). Whatever potential for something new is gone. What is compelling is the breakdown in society as it happens, and I fear they have already rushed (slowly) through it all.

I will be surprised if I watch much more of this show. We have been there and done that. And while I know shows can get better over time, I just don’t see that happening in this case.  Don’t fear the walking dead. Instead fear the time you will never get back after watching it.

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