So I Decided To Cosplay And I Need Your Help!

501st_Legion_Badlands_GarrisonAlright nerds, geeks and con lovers everywhere, I have a big announcement to make. This year I decided to Cosplay. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, yours truly will cosplay at Comic-Con 2015.

I have to confess, I have always secretly wanted to. I always loved dressing up at Halloween and any special days in High School such as hat day or nerd day (which I was a shoe-in for). So it was just a matter of time before this happened. Truth be told I am surprised it took so long but every year I either didn’t think about it until too late, was broke or just to lazy (amazing how being  broke and  lazy go together) and figured I didn’t have the body type anyway (that is still debatable too).

Regardless, I have an idea I have been kicking around for a couple of years and finally decided to pull the trigger on it. So all of this leads to the question…what is my great idea? It is a state secret that is not ready to be revealed yet but will in good time! For now I will tell you it is a Star Wars spoof and I’m pretty sure the 501st will be pissed.

However, I need your help! Why? Because I am completely new to this and don’t know what to expect. What do I need to know? What kind of tips and tricks do you have? How do you do a weapons check?

Please forward any advice and of course I will give you full credit!

That being said, may the farce be with you. It certainly will be with me.


PS. I am experimenting with blogging from a mini-usb keyboardand my kindle. I like the ideabut so far it is a little tedious and might explainin typos you see.

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  1. liv May 29, 2015 at 8:20 am #

    I personally haven’t cosplayed but I help my brother with his stuff. I end up walking with him around SDCC, holding his things or helping him touch up make up and all that.
    The few things I can tell you are basics.
    Depending on your cosplay and the type of material, youre going to be sweating a lot. So don’t be afraid to go overboard with deodorant. If you plan on heading to panels or events, plan your timing accordingly because people will stop you every few feet for photos and as it gets to be time consuming sometimes. Carry around a small fix it kit or sewing kit to repair your cosplay quickly should something happen. Don’t be afraid to ask other cosplayers or people in the bathroom for help with stuff. A girl once asked me to get her out of her cosplay just so she could use the restroom. Don’t pay attention to the 501st if they act like dick bags. Some of them, not all, are pretty stuck up and elitist. Stay hydrated. Especially if your cosplay is on the heavier side. If your cosplay involves you holding a sign be careful what it says. Staff passing by may tell you to get rid of it. Even free hug signs. Be careful with pointy objects or elements on your cosplay. The most important thing is to have fun. If you don’t already, you should follow the and as far as weapons check, it may be best to look that up on the sdcc website.

    • Jeff June 1, 2015 at 9:05 am #

      Thanks! Some very good ideas indeed, of which extra deodorant may be the best, since I will be in a sort of body suit. (I will have to get my brother to carry everything else for me!) What does your brother usually cosplay as ?

      I’m still unsure what to expect from the crowds but I think it will be really fun once I get into it. Thanks again.

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