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 How To Prepare for SDCC Right Now!

  I can’t wait for Comic-Con and you probably can’t either. You got your 4 day pass and you even managed to score a good hotel room. With over a month to go you might be thinking you have plenty of time to get ready right?  Wrong. Comic-Con has a way of sneaking up on […]

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Life Lessons From Comic-Con

I’ve had the privilege of attending Comic-Con the last eight years and after nearly every one I have the idea that I will relax a bit and take next year off. However, after a few months pass I start getting a hankering, that itch I get that finds me in San Diego in July yet […]

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SDCC Thursday Programming Gems

Comic-Con released their Thursday programming schedule and nerds everywhere are pouring over it like Sherlock Holmes on a crime scene. That being said, maybe you don’t feel like waiting in line for Hall H or Ballroom 20 on your very first day? Never fear, there are some great smaller panels you can check out. Here […]

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The Convention Center Cafe Motto

What You Should Be Doing Now To Prepare For SDCC!

With Comic-Con being just a month away (already!), many people may be wondering what they should be doing now to prepare for the great gig in San Diego in July. It can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers, but never fear, because some of us veterans know just how to prepare for Comic-Con 2015. Here are […]

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