The Legend of Bubba Fett

So it would appear that Bubba was a big hit with the Comic-Con crowd. Tons of people took pictures and I even got to do a couple of videos as well. Oh did I mention that one photographer was from Nerdist News and another from LA Weekly? Yep, that’s right. ole’ Bubba made into the mainstream media! Next stop, Jimmy Fallon! Seriously though, you can see the Nerdist pic here, and the LA Weekly here.

Also for your viewing pleasure here are some other Bubba pics.

Bubba 3.1

Tatooine Finest!














Bubba 1.1













Bubba 8.1













Bubba 6.1

Only problem with Tusken’s is it’s hard to tell which is female…













Look! I bagged a giant Furbie!

Look! I bagged a giant Furbie!






















Overall, I would have to call my first time at Cosplay a smashing success! Now back to the drawing board to see how I can improve for next year.

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