We Need A Place To Meet!

Hey everyone! So I have been trying to network and connect as much as possible and I trying to find a place for us to meet up for our meet-up. Can’t have a meet-up without it. So the train of thought here lies along in two different directions.

1. Ideally, we could find a meeting room some place where we can have some programming, speakers, share stories and what-knot. Of course most place are either booked or worse, want money, which I have none.

2. We could all try to meet at a coffee shop or some other cute, quaint facility. However, this would be a public place with noise, people etc. which would obviously not allow for the above mentioned programming.

So general public I need your help! Anyone have any ideas? Or know somebody that might be able to help out? Please send them my way. Thanks and and stay nerdy, my friends.

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