What You Should Be Doing Now To Prepare For SDCC!

The Convention Center Cafe Motto

The Convention Center Cafe Motto

With Comic-Con being just a month away (already!), many people may be wondering what they should be doing now to prepare for the great gig in San Diego in July. It can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers, but never fear, because some of us veterans know just how to prepare for Comic-Con 2015. Here are some things to do to help you get ready.

1. Go to the DMV. – I’ll be honest. A lot of Comic-Con involves waiting in line (Hall H anyone?), often for several hours and it takes practice to be a seasoned line waiter. The best way to prepare for this is go spend a few days at the DMV. Here you will find long lines with similar wait times to that of Comic-Con.  Practice standing around, shuffling slowly along, and if you are especially brave, try camping out overnight (if a cop comes along just explain you are practicing for Comic-Con).  This will give you an idea of what to expect and many people in the DMV line are often as colorful as those at Comic-Con. And while you are there….

2. Check out the bathroom – Overcrowded, smelly with papers all over the floor and no soap. Are we talking about the bathrooms at Comic-Con or the DMV? In fact it’s both! While you wait in line at the DMV you will probably have to go at some point and the DMV restroom isn’t far off from the San Diego convention center. Whether it be SWAG or government forms, the floor is sure to be littered with it and you’ll will probably have to wait in yet more lines just to pee. The DMV bathroom will also teach you the importance of carrying hand sanitizer at all times, yet another good con habit.

3. Build up your intestinal fortitude – The Con food is not good and doing this now will help you avoid some of the troubles often associated with the above step. Here is how to do it.  Have a game night or movie night or any excuse you need to order pizza delivery. When the pizza arrives place the pizza on the counter, take it out of the box and throw it away. Now take a knife and cut the cardboard box into slices and chow down. This is roughly the equivalent of what most of the Con food tastes like. Building up your system now will help you get through San Diego without contracting CONstipation (a very real medical diagnosis at SDCC). Plus one slice of pizza at Comic-Con costs about the same as that whole pizza you just threw away.

Right, so maybe I am having a little to much fun with this post but there is some truth to it. The food really is that bad and do bring hand sanitizer.

I will posting some sincere tips soon,

But seriously, bring hand sanitizer.



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