Wondercon: What is the Secret of Your Powers?



Yes this was a real costume!

Much like previous Comic-Cons (and most cons for that matter) in the past I could be found roaming the sales floor, seriously buzzed and carrying a flask I was quickly working on finishing off. I thought at the time being buzzed on the sales floor was pretty awesome, but it was never truly enjoyable.


Last year I went to Wonder-con sober, but I was early in sobriety, and I have to admit, there was temptation to relive old times. This year I went in a much better place mentally, spiritually, emotionally and even physically. This year I felt like myself again. Not the old drinking self, but the person I was before that. The out going version of me that loves to meet and engage with the people around me.


This year I didn’t make a fool of myself, talk with slurred speech, pass out in a hotel room before the Con was over, or embarrass my friends and people around me. This year I learned that I can truly have more fun being my sober self.


So how was Wondercon you might ask? I will tell you. It was awesome! I truly thrive at these things. Even just walking the sales floor (the great moth to a flame that it is) inspires me. Because Wondercon doesn’t get the big Hollywood names it focuses a lot more on writing, art, cosplay, creativity and well, comics. I love this because it always takes me back to my writing roots., to my childhood day dreams and late nights reading comics in bed.


I ‘m told Wondercon is around 50,000 people. Which sounds big but it doesn’t really feel that big. The sales floor is large enough to handle it and you really didn’t have trouble getting into the panels. Which brings us to…


Panels. I must admit the only panel I attended was my friends (@crazy4comiccon) panel called Geeks Keeping it Hot. It was a solid line up of bloggers, cosplayers and other geeks who competed in trivia and then weighed in on social issues such as gender bending, bullying and multiculturalism. It was both fun and insightful and I recommend it.


It’s not that the other panels weren’t good, it’s just I have seen them all before. Stuff like breaking into the industry, how to self publish or creating dynamic characters. Good material but I have heard most of what they have to say, so I skipped out on them this year.


Overall, it was a fun time that served to remind of why I love Con’s while wetting my appetite for the great gig in San Diego. Most importantly, I didn’t even think about alcohol, which is a wonder in and of itself.


Now please excuse me as I  go and get in line for Hall H in San Diego.



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